Everyone is not going to hire a formal caregiver and that’s okay. Some of us are compassionate and would feel comfortable caring for our loved ones ourselves. We share a special connection and would rather assist them in activities of daily living (ADL) as opposed to hiring a caregiver. That’s really amazing, but before we start vying for ‘Family Caregiver of the Year’ award, let’s take a look at common home care sins and how many we’re guilty of, shall we?

Wrong Medication Management

So the prescription says ‘3x daily’ but you have to go grocery shopping, pick up laundry and wouldn’t be back till late in the evening. You come back thinking it’s just a dose and you probably administer the midday and evening dose all at once! That is a very bad case of overdose and could further complicate your loved one’s condition.

Intentional Delays

You know for sure that your loved one has moved his bowel and quickly needs a change but you just want to catch up on last night’s show or quickly fix yourself a cup of tea. It’s your first attempt and nothing goes wrong and before long, it becomes a tradition and you intentionally procrastinate every change or bath. Be reminded that due to lowered immunity due to age, your loved one is susceptible to bacterial infection from diapers and this could further worsen his case.

Resentment and Anger

Remember the time you let out a long hiss in the kitchen out of frustration. First, you missed your friend’s party because you had to stay home and watch over your loved one, now the nice soup you served has been rejected because his mood changed and he would rather have bread instead of the soup he requested earlier. If this sounds familiar, you’re definitely guilty of this sin and yes , we’re judging you. You could do with respite services from a reputable home care agency.

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