A greymate feeding a man with dementia Happy new month lovelies.
If you’ve heard the buzz around home nursing for the vulnerable but haven’t made up your mind on why you should key into it, or wondering why you should contact an agency, here are a few reasons to help you decide:
This can never be over emphasized. When you hire a caregiver, you take some time off the stress of caring for a dependent and use the time for other life’s hassles. It doesn’t mean you love your relation any less, it simply means you want the best for them as you contract people who have been specifically trained to handle cases unique to yours. Now you have the time for that wedding, birthday, naming ceremony, etc. With a good agency such as Greymate Care, you can even take your loved one along as you can hire a day’s companion to move with your loved one while you have the time to catch up with your friends at the party.
Security and Professional caregivers
Home caregivers are far better able to handle many routine and critical situations because they have the necessary experience and training. They have also been vetted and background checked to ensure they do not have any criminal records on them. You are guaranteed peace of mind as opposed to the usual method of hiring a total stranger from a neighbouring country.
Home care is more affordable than re-admission in the hospital as you do not pay for accommodation or food as opposed to hospitals. It is usually more comfortable for your loved ones to recover in familiar surroundings with a caregiver than staying in a hospital with the characteristic disinfectant smell and food they do not find palatable.
Research has shown that recovery is faster in active people than those with a sedentary lifestyle. You can hire a caregiver as a companion for your loved one when you are away at work or a business trip. These caregivers can simply read to them or assist them in cooking or accompany to a doctor’s appointment. They can be on a one-off or 24/7 arrangement.
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Peace and love