greymate with an elderly personWe all know that a point comes in our lives when we either require assistance in normal activities of daily living or provide such for our loved ones. There are tell-tale signs of dependence and aging which vary from person to person and may include wobbly movement, forgetfulness and dem dem ailments.

However, in the absence of the above, one is likely to ignore other latent signs and keep living in denial and may not request help early enough, which could lead to further deterioration. Worse still is when it’s our loved ones who are living in denial and we have to be the angel of doom that breaks the news and you don’t even know if the signs are normal or if they finally have to call for a carer. Woe betide you if you misjudge them and they have to finally tell the world that the village winch they’ve been praying about has manifested with its little kitchen stool.

To make life easier, here are some red flags that tell you that you/your loved one can’t live independently;

  1. Declining health: The most common sign is declining health as mentioned above. It is usually accompanied by difficulty with walking, balance and mobility, difficulty getting up from a seated position, poor diet and weight loss, forgetting to take medications, or taking incorrect dosages.
  2. Living conditions: The condition of the house is another sign to look out for. Spotting day old leftovers in the sink, expired groceries, strong smell of urine in the house, blackened utensils, laundry piling up, broken appliances and extreme clutter in the bedroom is a sure way of knowing things are not okay.
  3. Poor hygiene and personal care: Tattered and dirty clothing indicate that one is struggling with daily living tasks and may require help. Once you notice unpleasant body odour, infrequent showering or bathing, skid marks on clothing, faecal smell on clothing, it is time to hire a carer.
  4. Behavioural changes: This is the least noticed sign and can be easily blamed on other reasons such as NEPA doing their thing or our very hot weather. However, we have to look out for loss of interest in hobbies and activities, changes in mood or extreme mood swings, sudden anger issues and withdrawn tendencies.

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